While the past is behind us, its shadows can linger, influencing our present-day choices, behaviors, and emotions. Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy with Teresa Collins invites you to explore these past memories and patterns, empowering you to understand and heal from them.

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“Teresa helped me understand the origins of my fears. It wasn't just in this life, but traces from my past lives. The clarity and healing I found were profound.”


It's a common misconception that during past life regression, you'd "become" an ancestor or previous version of yourself. In reality, guided by Teresa, you'll attain heightened awareness of past life events and patterns. This process uses the "Soul Screening" technique, ensuring that events of a previous lifetime stay where they belong - in the past.

I had the great pleasure of highlighting my ability to do Past Life Healing this week through my Hypnosis and other techniques.
When you look at a past life, you can heal from it, change the present in a positive manner, and ultimately create a bet ter future for yourself.
In other words, if you can heal the past, you can also heal your present lifetime and the imme diate future. The veil that comes down on you during the traumatic process of being born, causing you to forget you? past incarnations, can be lifted through past-life regression.
There are many reasons to delve into the past, exploring your previous lives:
Emotional healing. Anger, sadness, grief, hatred, and other negative emotions created by past-life events can be brought up to the surface of your conscious mind and be released safely. A permanent healing can then occur.
Physical healing. Unexplained pains and health issues that plague you, and which cannot be healed through conventional medicine, can be traced in many cases to previous incarnations. By "re-living" the accident or death scene, you can bring the mem- ory of the pain to the consciousness of your mindand thereby release the pain. A profound healing of long-standing problems may then take place.
• Releasing of fears and phobias. Unexplained fears and unfounded phobias can be remembered through past-life recall, brought to the surface of the con- scious mind, analyzed, and released quickly. Soon a fear or phobia that hounded you for many years will no longer exist, or at least not affect you as much.
• Understanding and healing of relationship problems. The recall of a past-life relationship with someone who you are involved with now will help you to recognize negative patterns in the relationship, allowing you to break or heal these patterns. You will understand where love-hate relationships originate.
• Receiving of gifts and attributes. By exploring a past life, you will not only recall that incarnation but also in some situations remember or relearn certain gifts and attributes. For example, if you were a healer using herbs in an earlier lifetime, you will be able to reawaken some of your knowledge of herbs. This is a form of super learning.
A past-life experience can be achieved through guided meditation, astral travel, hypnotherapy, or through past- life recall either with the help of an experienced profes- sional or on your own.
Any or all of these options can be great tools to truly explore your soul's journey.
You have the potential within to explore your own previous incarna tions. This will open up many doors on a spiritual
I can use Many techniques to help you to awaken or enhance your psychic and spiritual gifts.
As a human being, you are multidimensional. Your soul can exist here on the earthly plane now yet be able to remem- ber many previous lifetimes.
As an eternal soul, you have traveled back and forth between Heaven and Earth many times.
Connect with me if you are ready to explore and expand


Consider this transformative journey if you:

  • Seek clarity behind your present thoughts and patterns.
  • Desire insights about patterns from your past lives.
  • Aim to free your present from past influences.
  • Wish to elevate your life quality right now.


As a certified hypnotherapist with a specialization in Past Life Regressions,
Teresa offers both individual and group sessions.

Session Offerings:

Adult Initial Hypnotherapy Session (60 minutes) -
Dive deep into the subconscious mind in this comprehensive 60-minute session. Tailored for adults seeking to explore their past lives, patterns, and behaviors. Ideal for those new to hypnotherapy.
Adult Regular Follow-Up Session (45 minutes) -

Continue your transformative journey with this 45-minute follow-up session. Revisit and reinforce the discoveries and healing from your initial session.

Adult Tune-Up Session
(30 minutes) -

A quick, rejuvenating 30-minute session designed for those in need of a refresher or to address specific areas of focus after previous sessions.

Young Adult Initial Session
(13-18 yrs, 75 minutes) - $175.00

Designed for young adults, this 75-minute session provides an in-depth exploration into their unique challenges and experiences, offering clarity and guidance.

Young Adult Follow-Up
(13-18 yrs, 45 minutes) - $125.00

Build on the insights from the initial session. This 45-minute session allows young adults to continue their introspective journey and foster personal growth.

Young Adult Tune-Up
(13-18 yrs, 30 minutes) -

Perfect for young adults seeking a short session to realign and refocus, this 30-minute tune-up addresses specific concerns or areas of interest.

Child Initial Session
(5-12 yrs, 60 minutes) -

Tailored for children, this 60-minute session offers a gentle introduction to hypnotherapy, ensuring their comfort while exploring their subconscious.

Child Follow-Up Session
(5-12 yrs, 45 minutes) -

Continue the therapeutic journey with a 45-minute follow-up session, helping children integrate insights and grow in a supportive environment.

Past Lives Exploration (90 minutes) - $333.00

Embark on an extended journey through time with this 90-minute session. Delve into three distinct past lives, unveiling hidden talents and gifts that await discovery. This intensive session also focuses on returning soul pieces, ensuring a harmonious integration of your past and present selves.


Harness the power of your past to enhance your present and future. Embark on this introspective journey with Teresa Collins and rediscover the narratives of your soul.

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