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 Welcome to Blended Spirit Academy

Are you a Spiritual Female Biz Owner?

Are you ready to unlock your psychic gifts?

Looking to become a Reiki Healer?

Need Personal One on One support to clear the fears and unlock the blocks?

Get Ready To Unleash Your Unique Intuitive Power & Manifesting Potential...

I designed these courses with these thoughts in mind...

  •  To show my students how absolutely extraordinarily gifted they are!! 
  • Substantially increase their intuitive confidence!! 
  • Give them all the pieces so they walk away understanding how their intuition works
  • ​Allow them to understand THEIR UNIQUE intuitive gifts INTIMIATELY!!!
  • For Spiritual Entrepreneurs:

    • Confidence to Begin Doing the  Work for Others
    • Clients That Are Excited To Talk About Their Sessions With Others
    • More Client Referrals
    • Increased Business Revenue for Those Already Doing Spiritual Session Work
    • These step by step Practices Take Only a Few Minutes a day consistently & are a Game-Changer! 
    • Understand How Truly Extraordinary You Are!!

My name is Teresa Collins. I am a Psychic Business Coach, Reiki Master, Life Coach,

Educator and Hypnotherapist.

It is my Souls Purpose to be an earth guide to women at this time. I help me clients activate psychic gifts, cut cords, clear blocks, collapse trauma and so much more.  I assist women at all stages of their journey through my courses and transformational sessions and programs. 

Every class is intensely energized to heal as well as teach.

Thousands of women all over the globe are awakening to the truth that there is more to business than we’ve been taught. It doesn’t have to be a struggle, there is an easier way.


Hop on a call to see how I can help
✨I am not your typical Reiki Master, I have trained since 2011 from 3 masters and over 20 styles of Reiki.
✨I have trained as a Vibrational Master, and a Soul Healer.
✨I tap into the Akashics, Source and am a Powerful Psychic and Channeler.
✨I am a Trained Hypnotherapist in Canada, the US and the UK. Receiving a Master teaching from the UK
✨I have taken dozens of counseling classes, in anxiety, depression, trauma, complex ptsd and family therapy.
✨I am a trained life coach and have practiced 1000s of hours.
✨I hold a Business Diploma from a prestigious private school since 1998 and have ran businesses since I was 18.
✨I have taken a fantastic amount of Psychic Development, Law of Attraction, Soul Mastery and Energetic Mastery.
✨I have spent 10s of thousands on my education and countless hours since 1998 developing my practice as an Educator, Psychic, Life Coach, Business Coach, Soul Healer, Hypnotherapist, and Energy Master.
✨I have written 2 books on Amazon, Designed 2 of my own decks of Oracle Cards, designed my own clothing line and am a self taught artist.
💜What does this mean to you?
💜I have a massive amount of tools in my toolbox to support any challenge you may be facing.
😌There is no amount of grief to big,
😌Guilt, shame, or abuse we can't cut away!!!!
 Block to big or pain to strong!!!!
💜There is nothing, that we can’t tackle together.
✨✨✨✨ BTW If you are reading this right now, it is absolutely Divine intervention.


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On a budget or not sure where to start.  I created this amazing Healing Hypnosis just for you

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My Classes are unlike anything else.  Powerful and Very Easy. 


You are an extraordinary woman, and you're ready to be an extraordinary entrepreneur.

• Attract your next-level clients with ease.

 • connect with the spiritual nature of your business and learn to trust your intuition, you inevitably attract your perfect-for you clients.

• Finally understand how to charge high-end fees for your services. No more hustling, working around the clock, or working with clients who drain your time and energy.

• Attract the financial freedom this brings, your soul sings every day because it's fulfilling its purpose

Female Biz Owners

Do you believe you have Psychic Gifts?

Start here with these develop classes

  • Increased Intuitive Accuracy
  • Expanded Consciousness & Spiritual Awakening
  • Discovery of Your True Clair Gifts
  • Faster Manifestation of Your Goals
  • For Beginners and intermediate


Psychic Development

Reiki Healer Training

Are you naturally called to help others?  Are you an empath?

Reiki is a powerful tool to heal yourself and others.  Powerful protection and a way to super charge your energy, whether you want it just for you or to help heal the world.

  • Confidence to Begin Doing Healing Work for Others
  • Clients That Are Excited To Talk About Their Sessions With Others
  • More Client Referrals
  • ​Special Classes that Increase Business Revenue for Those Already Doing Reiki Session Work
  • ​​Understand How Truly Extraordinary You Are!!
Reiki Classes

I loved my session with Teresa! She was loving, warm, welcoming, caring and very knowledgeable. I felt thoroughly cleared of all negativity and full of peace and calm after our session. I would highly recommend Teresa to anyone looking to shift their energy and needing alignment.






I’ve seen a transformation in every aspect of my life. Thank you, Teresa!


I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life


Rebecca Night


Teresa showed me it was OK to be me and taught me how to love life again.




Get my New Book on Amazon


"Time to Shine" Journal Workbook and partner it with my online class coming MAY 1ST 2022

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What is Healing?

Jan 31, 2023

The importance of women supporting women

Feb 17, 2023

Level up

Great for Beginners ,Intermediate and Advanced
Magick Mini Series

Absolutely everyone waking up needs this Series.  So many Light workers are activating now and a strong foundation is a must.  In this 5 part Series we will cover Grounding, Meditation, Clearing, Protection and Moon Magick.  Each with a Video Lesson (25-45 minutes) pdf and healing.  

Not sure where to start.  START HERE

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Mother Wound Healing Series.

The mother wound is the pain, wounding, and trauma that's carried by a mother and inherited by her children, with daughters facing the brunt of this wound. Even if a mother is physically present, having a mother who is not emotionally attuned and available to you when you were a child can still cause pain. 

This is a deep wound that needs to be addressed asap.  This powerful 6 week series will free you and your children

Start this course

Psychic Mentor Private Lesson (For Healers, Coaches and Counsellors)

I have worked with a variety of psychics and coaches from beginning to advance. Even some whom are experts in their field. We all need a mentor, coach and someone who speaks the language of energy. If you are ready to dig in deeper and find out how powerful you really are then this private sessions is for you. 2hrs of awesomeness and leveling up.  Activation, past life healing, guide connections and so much more.

Ready to step it up