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Discover  with Teresa Collins

Step into who you were meant to be! 

Welcome to my Self Study Library

This isn't a mind valley
It's a tunnel. Books of wisdom
A portal of discovery
You pull a thread, then another and before you know it- you are transported to whole new dimension.
A dimension of Magick, of Faires and Dragons.
Where you have the power. That good kind of power. The power to change, to unlock doors-once sealed shut.
To see, hear, feel, know- you are exactly where you are supposed to be. To heal and learn how to help.
A dimension of posssibities and long forgotten Magick. A new future
Come with me and I will be your guide, I will hold your hand through the tough parts and gently push you, (when you need it)
I am your Earth Guide, A Fairy, A Light
I will help you ignite your spark and feed the fire of your Soul.
If you are Ready- jump into my classes and go shopping for your next adventure.
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Resources for every stage of the journey

Packages & Certification

Self Study from the comfy on your home in your PJs. 

Become a Reiki Healer, unlock the Woo Woo in your life or take a Masters in Energy.  These Packages are a fantastic way to launch your transformation

Ready, Set , Grow

Anxiety taking over your Life?  Stressed Out, Overwhelmed? Trauma and PTSD? I specialize in hot messes. I can help!

Combining Reiki, Psychic Life Coaching , Hypnotherapy and more.  I have all the tools you need to heal and begin to Live your best Timeline and connect the dots

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In Person and Online Live Teachings

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I loved my session with Teresa! She was loving, warm, welcoming, caring and very knowledgeable. I felt thoroughly cleared of all negativity and full of peace and calm after our session. I would highly recommend Teresa to anyone looking to shift their energy and needing alignment.



I’ve seen a transformation in every aspect of my life. Thank you, Teresa!

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

Teresa showed me it was OK to be me and taught me how to love life again.


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"Time to Shine" Journal Workbook and partner it with my online class coming MAY 1ST 2022

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Trusting Your Intuition

Apr 08, 2022

How to Make a Crystal Grid for Beginners

Apr 23, 2022

Meeting your Goals to Live A Better Life!

May 04, 2022

Get started with one of my 4 or 6-week courses

Great for Beginners ,Intermediate and Advanced
Magick Mini Series

Absolutely everyone waking up needs this Series.  So many Light workers are activating now and a strong foundation is a must.  In this 5 part Series we will cover Grounding, Meditation, Clearing, Protection and Moon Magick.  Each with a Video Lesson (25-45 minutes) pdf and healing.  

Not sure where to start.  START HERE

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A must have class

Oracle Reader 101

Oracle cards are super common lately and it seems every one is accessing this amazing energy.  Learn how to read for yourself and others better in this 1 time class.  Bonus:  Free Digital deck and 3 card spreads to help you begin.

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Now Available- Counselling & Reiki

Reiki is so much more than energy work. It can be absolutely life changing. I wanted to write a class to help give insight and take your Reiki practice to the next Level with awareness. Each video lesson is 8-25 minutes.  Making this course super effective and easy to incorporate into your practice 

(Must have Reiki 2 at least)

Module 1 Maslows Hiearchy of Needs Carl Rogers- Seven Stages of Processing

Module 2 Core Conditions Conditions of Worth

Module 3 Oraganismic Self Self Concept

Module 4 Attending

Module 5 The Power of Silence

Module 6 Reflecting and Paraphrasing

Module 7 How to Use Questions

Module 8 Building Repore

Module 9 Customizing sessions for best results

Module 10 Tips and Tricks 


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