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Teresa Collins

Hi, I'm Teresa Collins

Founder of Blended Spirit Academy


This is my Story


Although I was born Psychic, I actually shut my gifts down.  I was raised in a Catholic School and as I am sure you can imagine, I was very different.  Lol.  I was blessed with boys with challenges and my oldest was really unwell.  Modern medicine couldn't help and I needed to become the healer I was meant to be.

Psychic, Life Coach, Reiki Master and Master Hypnotherapist.   Now over a decade later and thousands of healings under my belt, I strive everyday to WOW my clients.  I am the next step, the level up.  You find me when you are READY.

Reach your potential with Teresa

✨I am not your typical Reiki Master, I have trained since 2011 from 3 masters and over 20 styles of Reiki.
✨I have trained as a Vibrational Master, and a Soul Healer.
✨I tap into the Akashics, Source and am a Powerful Psychic and Channeler.
✨I am a Trained Hypnotherapist in Canada, the US and the UK. Receiving a Master teaching from the UK
✨I have taken dozens of counseling classes, in anxiety, depression, trauma, complex ptsd and family therapy.
✨I am a trained life coach and have practiced 1000s of hours.
✨I hold a Business Diploma from a prestigious private school since 1998 and have ran businesses since I was 18.
✨I have taken a fantastic amount of Psychic Development, Law of Attraction, Soul Mastery and Energetic Mastery.
✨I have spent 10s of thousands on my education and countless hours since 1998 developing my practice as an Educator, Psychic, Life Coach, Business Coach, Soul Healer, Hypnotherapist, and Energy Master.
✨I have written 2 books on Amazon, Designed 2 of my own decks of Oracle Cards, designed my own clothing line and am a self taught artist.
💜What does this mean to you?
💜I have a massive amount of tools in my toolbox to support any challenge you may be facing.
😌There is no amount of grief to big,
😌guilt, shame, or abuse we can't cut away!!!!
😌Block to big or pain to strong!!!!
💜There is nothing, that we can’t tackle together.
Reach out for a free call and see how unlock your Soul
✨✨✨✨ BTW If you are reading this right now, it is absolutely Divine intervention.


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