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Course series by Teresa Collins
Embark on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and professional growth with our comprehensive hypnotherapy course series. Whether you are beginning your path in hypnotherapy or looking to deepen your existing practice, these courses offer a rich learning experience that blends traditional techniques with innovative approaches.




Duration: 12 weeks

  • Introduction to hypnosis and its history
  • Techniques for inducing deep relaxation
  • Crafting empowering suggestions
  • Exploring the subconscious mind
  • Step-by-step guidance for self-hypnosis

"The Art of Hypnosis" Series: Level 1 - Self Mastery and the Power of Self-Hypnosis

Embark on a Transformative Journey into Hypnosis

Course Description: Begin your exploration with "The Art of Hypnosis Level 1," a foundational course designed to unravel the mysteries of the mind and harness the power of self-hypnosis. Understand the power of brainwaves and how to access them, unlock your personal Confidence with my technique, connect to your Soul and Higher Self. 

This course is perfect for individuals seeking to understand hypnosis and use it for personal growth and self-mastery.

Course Highlights:

  1. Understanding Hypnosis:
    • Explore the history, myths, and realities of hypnosis.
    • Delve into the science behind its effects on the brain and consciousness.
  2. Fundamentals of the Mind:
    • Gain insights into the mind's structure and functioning.
    • Understand the roles of the conscious and subconscious mind in hypnosis.
  3. The Art and Science of Relaxation:
    • Learn techniques for inducing deep relaxation.
    • Understand relaxation's benefits in the context of hypnosis.
  4. Power of Suggestion:
    • Explore the art of suggestion and its impact on the subconscious.
    • Craft effective and empowering suggestions for transformation.
  5. Introduction to Self-Hypnosis:
    • Discover self-hypnosis principles for personal empowerment.
    • Learn techniques to induce self-hypnosis and navigate your inner landscape.
  6. Brainwave States and Hypnotic Trance:
    • Understand different brainwave states and their relevance.
    • Explore methods for entering and deepening hypnotic trance.
  7. Exploring the Subconscious Mind:
    • Uncover the subconscious mind's power in shaping beliefs and behaviors.
    • Engage in exercises to reprogram subconscious patterns positively.
  8. Building a Foundation for Self-Mastery:
    • Integrate self-hypnosis into daily life for stress management and personal development.
    • Explore self-hypnosis for achieving goals and fostering self-awareness.

Course Format:

  • Engaging videos, interactive discussions, and practical demonstrations.
  • Guided experiential scripts for hands-on learning.
  • Q&A sessions for individual queries and concerns.

Prerequisites: No prior experience in hypnosis is required, making this course suitable for beginners and those looking to deepen their understanding of self-hypnosis.

Certification: Upon successful completion, receive certification acknowledging your foundational knowledge in hypnosis and self-mastery techniques.

Join the Journey: Join us on this transformative journey where the art and science of hypnosis converge. Open doors to self-mastery, heightened awareness, and explore the limitless possibilities of the mind. Your adventure begins here with Level 1 of "The Art of Hypnosis"!


$1111 CAD

Duration: 16 weeks

  • Advanced intuitive techniques in hypnotherapy
  • Creative scripting and metaphor crafting
  • Enhancing therapeutic presence and connection
  • Artful inductions and deepening techniques
  • Exploring the role of symbolism in therapy

"The Art of Hypnosis" Series: Level 2 - The Artistry of Hypnotherapy: Intuitive Transformation Techniques

Elevate Your Practice with Artistic Hypnotherapy

Course Description: "The Artistry of Hypnotherapy" invites practitioners to a profound fusion of hypnotherapy and intuitive artistry. We will delve into NLP, Chakra Reprogramming, Past Lifes and so much more.

Designed for those eager to elevate their practice, this course delves into the artistic aspects of hypnotherapy, enabling extraordinary transformations through intuitive and creative techniques.

Course Highlights:

  1. Hypnotherapy as an Art Form:
    • Redefine hypnotherapy beyond traditional methods, embracing creativity and intuition.
    • Explore the role of intuition in enhancing therapeutic connection and efficacy.
  2. Activating Intuition:
    • Develop techniques to harness and trust your innate intuition as a hypnotherapist.
    • Understand intuition's crucial role in therapeutic success.
  3. Creative Scripting and Metaphor Crafting:
    • Master the art of crafting personalized, creative scripts and metaphors.
    • Use symbolism, imagery, and storytelling to engage the subconscious powerfully.
  4. Energetic Presence and Connection:
    • Cultivate a heightened energetic presence to deepen the client-therapist bond.
    • Learn techniques for rapport building and energy field attunement.
  5. Artful Inductions and Deepening Techniques:
    • Develop unique induction methods that resonate with individual clients.
    • Explore creative approaches for profound hypnotic exploration.
  6. Transformative Symbolism and Archetypes:
    • Utilize symbolism and archetypes for insightful and transformative work.
    • Decode and apply emerging symbols in clients' experiences therapeutically.
  7. Sound and Imagery Integration:
    • Employ sound and imagery as tools for altered states and healing.
    • Create a multisensory experience in hypnotherapy sessions.
  8. Artistic Techniques for Empowering Suggestions:
    • Craft empowering suggestions with precision and artistic flair.
    • Understand the influence of language, tone, and delivery in suggestion artistry.

Course Format:

  • Engaging videos and practical exercises.
  • Creative tools for intuitive and artistic exploration in hypnotherapy.

Prerequisites: Completion of the foundational Level 1 course or equivalent training is required.

Certification: Earn a certification recognizing your advanced skills in utilizing hypnotherapy as an intuitive and artistic tool for transformation.

Join the Artistic Journey in Hypnotherapy: Step into a realm where hypnotherapy is an art, opening doors to creative and profound transformations in both yourself and your clients. Embrace the art of hypnotherapy and unlock limitless therapeutic possibilities.


$2222 CAD

Duration: 24 weeks

  • Foundations of quantum theory in hypnotherapy
  • Advanced quantum hypnosis techniques
  • Quantum healing modalities
  • Techniques for accessing and healing across timelines
  • Ethical considerations in quantum hypnotherapy

"The Art of Hypnosis" Series: Level 3 - Advanced IQ Hypnotherapy: Navigating Quantum Realms

Explore the Quantum Realms of Consciousness

Course Description: The "Advanced IQ Hypnotherapy" course invites you on a transformative journey into the realms of quantum consciousness. This advanced level, building upon your foundational hypnotherapy knowledge, is perfect for practitioners seeking to integrate cutting-edge techniques and explore the fascinating intersection of quantum theory and hypnosis.

Course Highlights:

  1. Quantum Foundations:
    • Explore quantum theory principles and their impact on consciousness and reality.
    • Understand the interconnectedness of mind, energy, and the quantum field.
  2. Quantum Hypnosis Techniques:
    • Learn advanced hypnotic induction methods targeting quantum states of awareness.
    • Grasp the role of intention, visualization, and energy dynamics in quantum hypnosis.
  3. Quantum Healing Modalities:
    • Integrate quantum concepts for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.
    • Address chronic conditions and facilitate profound transformations using quantum hypnotherapy.
  4. Beyond Time and Space:
    • Investigate techniques to access and heal across different timelines.
    • Redefine perceptions of time in therapeutic work using quantum principles.
  5. The Observer Effect in Hypnotherapy:
    • Delve into how consciousness influences reality through the observer effect.
    • Harness focused attention for transformative change.
  6. Parallel Realities and Possibilities:
    • Explore parallel realities and their application in hypnotherapy.
    • Assist clients in navigating and shifting between potential realities.
  7. Energetic Resonance and Quantum Healing:
    • Understand energy and vibrational resonance in the healing process.
    • Utilize techniques aligning clients with higher frequencies for holistic healing.
  8. Ethics and Professional Standards:
    • Discuss ethical considerations in quantum hypnotherapy.
    • Address the challenges of working in expanded states of consciousness.

Course Format:

  • Interactive videos, practical exercises, and real-life applications.
  • Group activities and peer collaboration for enhanced learning.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of a basic hypnotherapy course or equivalent training.

Certification: Earn a certification recognizing your advanced skills and knowledge in quantum hypnotherapy.

Join the Quantum Journey in Hypnotherapy: Embark on this journey into quantum consciousness with "Advanced IQ Hypnotherapy." Unlock new healing dimensions and empower both yourself and your clients. Elevate your practice and explore the profound healing potential of the human mind.

Bundle Offer:

Price for All Three Levels: $388/month for 12 months

Total Duration: Approximately 12-18 months to complete all three levels

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