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Are you being called to be a healer?

We all have access to Reiki energy, what we need is the knowledge to use it and an attunement to make it strong in your life.  Reiki is the key to opening your gifts and your alignment.  I believe that everyone should have at least level 1 for self healing.  Feel free to book a chat to see if it is right for you.


Connect at anytime with questions for support with me personally. [email protected]

Gift For You

Get my  powerful Chakra Balancing Healing Here

Reiki Blended Spirit Style.


I have taken over 21 styles and learned from some powerful masters.  In my Reiki courses I have combined traditional Reiki (Usui style) with the influence of the Divine Feminine and the elements.  Each of my courses have been chanelled from the Divine to assist at this specific time.  Powerful and dynamic.  I have taught thousands over the last decade how to become the healers their Soul has come to discover.

Each class is designed to bring:

  • Confidence to Begin Doing Healing Work for Others
  • Clients That Are Excited To Talk About Their Sessions With Others
  • More Client Referrals
  • Increased Business Revenue for Those Already Doing Coaching or Counseling Work
  • Easy Practices that Take Only a Few Minutes & are a Game-Changer! 
  • Understand How Truly Extraordinary You Are!!
  • Reiki often unlocks other Psychic gifts.

How to Start?

If you want to take it step by step I suggest

1- Level 1,  Level 2, Reiki and Counselling, Power Centers, Advanced Reiki Symbols

This will give you a fantastic and powerful Reiki Practice

Package Available

Reiki Healer Certification Beginner

Includes, 1,2, Reiki and Councelling, Power Centers and a Bonus Oracle Readers 101 plus a private mentor session with me.

Also available in private- Reiki Level 3,  Crystal Reiki Specialists and if you like to really expand Reiki/ Teacher Training

Suggested ad ons

Reiki 2 Add on set

 Are you already a Reiki Practioner?  Are you ready to step it up?  Than this set is for you.  Included 6 powerful courses.  Including - Healing your 3 Power Centers, Light Worker 101, Leading from Soul, Advanced Reiki symbols, Power of Intuition and Oracle Reader 101

Woo Woo Intro Package

This includes

Grounding, Meditation, Protection, Clearing, Moon Magick, The Power of Intuition, Crystal Magick, Pendulum Magick and Shadow and Self

Next check out Energetics Mastery Program.

No experience necessary, this program is designed for healers, coaches and counselors to advance their practices and life.


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Reiki Courses

Reiki Level 1: A Journey to Self-Healing ✨
by Teresa Collins

Unlock the mysteries of Reiki and embrace a path of self-care, understanding, and growth. 🌱 Suitable for both teens and adults.


  1. Introduction 🔍

    • Learn about the history and foundations of Reiki, from the teachings of Usui to the significance of Gasho and Precepts.
    • Duration: Approx 30 minutes ⏳
    • Requirement: Recommended to print the workbook 📖.
  2. Chakras 🌈

    • Dive into the basics of the 7 chakras and their importance in Reiki healing.
    • Duration: Approx 10 minutes ⏳
  3. Protection Circle 🛡️

    • Acquire techniques for elemental protection, safeguarding yourself at deeper levels.
    • Duration: Approx 6 minutes ⏳
  4. Attunement and What to Expect 🌀

    • Delve into the attunement process and set your expectations for the first level of Reiki.
    • Duration: Approx 10 minutes ⏳
  5. Attunement & Activation 🔥

    • Prepare for your Level 1 Reiki attunement and ensure you have your journal ready.
    • Duration: Approx 5 minutes ⏳
  6. Self Treatment 💆‍♀️

    • Master self-healing techniques to awaken your spirit and utilize Reiki effectively.
    • Duration: Approx 20 minutes ⏳

🚀 Ready to dive deeper?
Discover more details and begin your Reiki journey.

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Reiki Level 2: Deepening Your Healing Practice ✨
by Teresa Collins

Venture further into the depths of Reiki's energy, understanding symbols and enhancing your healing capabilities. 🌟


  1. Module 1 & 2: Power & Responsibility 🌟
    ⏳ Approx 1.5 hrs (with breaks)
    📖 Suggested to print the workbook.
    Dive deep into the commitments of Reiki at this level and discover the health benefits and tools for energy care. Learn about the power of the first symbol, Cho Ku Rei.

  2. Sei He Ki: Harmony & Healing 🌈
    ⏳ Approx 12 minutes
    Explore the symbolic power of Sei He Ki, which represents harmony, emotional healing, and the brain hemispheres.

  3. Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen: Distance & Time Healing 🌀
    ⏳ Approx 15 minutes
    Unlock the potential of this symbol, allowing energy channeling across distance, time, and space.

  4. Your Attunement 🔥
    ⏳ Approx 7 minutes
    Sit back, relax, and experience this level of attunement. Journaling is recommended.

  5. Distance Healings: Send Energy from Afar 💆‍♀️
    ⏳ Varies (Practice over a week)
    Learn the process for distant healings, using symbols and intentions. Prepare 8 squares of paper, a pen, and have a recipient in mind.

  6. Protection with Angels 🛡️
    Protect yourself with a swift protection circle guided by angels before sessions.

🚀 Eager to advance in your Reiki journey?
For a detailed exploration and complete mastery,

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Reiki Level 3: Embrace Your Cosmic Healing Potential ✨
by Teresa Collins

Immerse yourself in the world of advanced Reiki symbols. As you deepen your connection, understand the magnitude of your healing capabilities, expand your horizons, and resonate with cosmic energy. 🌌

Course Overview:

🌟 Advanced Symbols Mastery
Embark on an enlightening journey as these symbols emphasize the significance of your healing prowess and guide you to make a tangible impact in today's world. This module is not just about learning; it's an expedition into the realms of personal and communal healing. Your mission? To light up, open up, and take transformative action.

Course Duration:
With over 2 hours of insightful video content, anticipate dedicating approximately 15 hours for a thorough, immersive experience when factoring in breaks.

🔑 Prerequisites:
Ensure you have completed Level 2 Reiki or possess an equivalent qualification.

📓 Essentials for the Course:

  • A journal for reflections and insights.
  • Stay hydrated with water.
  • Have high-protein snacks on hand for sustained energy.

🚀 Ready to transcend into the cosmos of healing?
For an unparalleled, detailed understanding,

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Journey into the Heart of Healing and Transformation with Counseling & Reiki


Unlock profound insights and master the art of therapeutic connection in this comprehensive course. Delve deep into key counseling concepts, seamlessly infused with the wisdom of Reiki to offer a holistic approach to healing.

Course Content Overview:

  1. Hierarchy of Needs and Stages of Process
    Dive into Maslow's Hierarchy of needs and explore the seven stages of the process. Duration: 26 minutes

  2. Core Concepts and Worth
    Unravel the intricate ties between core concepts and an individual's worth. Duration: 25 minutes

  3. Self
    Embrace the age-old terms that have guided our understanding of 'self' through the ages. Duration: 25 minutes

  4. Attending
    Master the foundational art of counseling with the practice of attending. Duration: 8 minutes

  5. Silence
    Harness the potent power of silence as a transformative tool in therapy.

  6. Reflecting and Paraphrasing
    Engage deeply and empathetically with clients by refining your skills in reflection and paraphrasing. Duration: 9 minutes

  7. Questions
    Navigate the nuanced art of asking questions, a pivotal tool in advanced counseling. Duration: 12 minutes

  8. Focusing
    Enhance client connections and explore feelings at profound depths with the practice of focusing. Duration: 16 minutes

  9. Rapport and Summarizing
    Build a genuine and effective therapeutic connection by fostering rapport and mastering the art of summarizing. Duration: 13 minutes

  10. Pulling it All Together
    Integrate all learned concepts and emphasize the importance of authenticity in therapeutic settings. Duration: 8 minutes


  • Engagement: It's recommended to watch the videos and take notes for the best learning experience.
  • Materials: Printing the provided PDFs will be beneficial for easy referencing later.
  • Support: Questions? Reach out to [email protected] for guidance.

Enroll Now and embark on a transformative journey of holistic healing and therapeutic mastery.

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Delve into the transformative world of Reiki with our compact certification course:


  1. Reiki Level 1: Introduction to Reiki's energy and foundational principles.
  2. Reiki Level 2: Deepen your Reiki journey with advanced techniques and symbols.
  3. Counseling & Reiki: Combine therapeutic counseling with Reiki's energy.
  4. Power Center Activation: Awaken your core energy centers.
  5. Oracle Reader 101 - Bonus: Master the art of Oracle readings.
  6. Book a Session: Gain hands-on experience with seasoned Reiki masters.

Requirements: Engage fully, have essential materials ready, and seek support at [email protected].

🌟 Begin your Reiki Healer journey today! Enroll now!

Embark on a Mystical Adventure: Woo Woo Intro Package

Dive headfirst into the fascinating world of spirituality with our comprehensive Woo Woo Intro Package. Designed to guide you on a transformative journey, this package will help you unlock your innate spiritual potential and delve into the magic of various practices.

Explore elements of protection, grounding, meditation, clearing, and the enchanting world of moon magick. Learn to harness the potent energies of crystals and pendulums, and embark on an introspective journey into your shadow self to uncover your true nature.

Each aspect of this package is designed to nurture your spiritual growth, boost your intuitive abilities, and provide you with practical tools for a balanced, harmonious life. Valued at $499, this introductory package offers you a unique and valuable opportunity to begin or deepen your spiritual journey.

Embrace the mystery and magic that awaits!

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