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Are you being called to be a healer?

We all have access to Reiki energy, what we need is the knowledge to use it and an attunement to make it strong in your life.  Reiki is the key to opening your gifts and your alignment.  I believe that everyone should have at least level 1 for self healing.  Feel free to book a chat to see if it is right for you.


Connect at anytime with questions for support with me personally. [email protected]

Gift For You

Get my  powerful Chakra Balancing Healing Here

Reiki Blended Spirit Style.


I have taken over 21 styles and learned from some powerful masters.  In my Reiki courses I have combined traditional Reiki (Usui style) with the influence of the Divine Feminine and the elements.  Each of my courses have been chanelled from the Divine to assist at this specific time.  Powerful and dynamic.  I have taught thousands over the last decade how to become the healers their Soul has come to discover.

Each class is designed to bring:

  • Confidence to Begin Doing Healing Work for Others
  • Clients That Are Excited To Talk About Their Sessions With Others
  • More Client Referrals
  • Increased Business Revenue for Those Already Doing Coaching or Counseling Work
  • Easy Practices that Take Only a Few Minutes & are a Game-Changer! 
  • Understand How Truly Extraordinary You Are!!
  • Reiki often unlocks other Psychic gifts.

How to Start?

If you want to take it step by step I suggest

1- Level 1,  Level 2, Reiki and Counselling, Power Centers, Advanced Reiki Symbols

This will give you a fantastic and powerful Reiki Practice

Package Available

Reiki Healer Certification Beginner

Includes, 1,2, Reiki and Councelling, Power Centers and a Bonus Oracle Readers 101 plus a private mentor session with me.

Also available in private- Reiki Level 3,  Crystal Reiki Specialists and if you like to really expand Reiki/ Teacher Training

Suggested ad ons

Reiki 2 Add on set

 Are you already a Reiki Practioner?  Are you ready to step it up?  Than this set is for you.  Included 6 powerful courses.  Including - Healing your 3 Power Centers, Light Worker 101, Leading from Soul, Advanced Reiki symbols, Power of Intuition and Oracle Reader 101

Woo Woo Intro Package

This includes

Grounding, Meditation, Protection, Clearing, Moon Magick, The Power of Intuition, Crystal Magick, Pendulum Magick and Shadow and Self

Next check out Energetics Mastery Program.

No experience necessary, this program is designed for healers, coaches and counselors to advance their practices and life.


Reiki Courses