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Quartz mindfulness and technology

Jan 24, 2022

There have been claims that crystals have energy and healing powers. How can we prove this, people ask, "Can crystals really heal?" I stumbled upon science that can prove that crystals vibrate and have energy and believe it or not, it is probably on your wrist rate now. A watch! Yes, quartz is used in a quartz watch because it keeps time precisely. Let's look at the science behind the quartz watch. 

Quartz can transform energy from one form to another causing the quartz to vibrate.  When a battery is attached to the quartz, the quartz can continue to vibrate at 32,768 times per second. The circuit in the watch measures these vibrations and converts the vibration into one pulse every second making the quartz watch very accurate.

So how does the quartz heal? Crystals have been referred to as treasures of Mother Earth. Clear quartz is a powerful cleansing crystal with its high vibrations and ability to clear and open the mind.  Whatever energy is poured into the crystal can be amplified 10 times to another source. 

Quartz is a perfect fit for Reiki for its ability to amplify, store and release energy. Negative energy can be absorbed through quartz while it stimulates the immune system and cleanses organs.  Clear quartz can help clear the mind and aids with concentration. Quartz is the best crystal to bring you the right energy to support you when you are learning something new or developing a new creative talent.

Crystals are a great way to decorate and improve the mood of your home. You can place quartz around a room in your house and clear the energy. Quartz can also lift your mood and is a powerful healer. You can place quartz in your bathroom and bedroom to clear and cleanse the air. For creativity, place quartz in your office.

One last use for quartz is jewelry. Quartz is attractive and can be worn in a stylish way. Due to quartz’s balancing capabilities this crystal is great for helping you to balance yourself emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Let’s not forget how healing this crystal is as well as balancing your bodies systems and giving you energy.

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