Reiki Level 3 - Mastering the Light

Unlock Your Cosmic Healing Potential with Teresa Collins

🌌 Embrace Cosmic Healing
The Universe echoes with the hum of ancient wisdom, and at the heart of this celestial rhythm lies the advanced Reiki symbols. As you delve into Reiki Level 3, you’ll become one with this cosmic dance, elevating not only your healing abilities but also your spiritual essence.

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Reiki 3: Master of Light - Limited Enrollment!

Embark on a transformative journey to master Reiki, enhancing your healing abilities and spiritual growth. This intensive 6-week course is tailored for those who have completed Reiki Levels 1 and 2, ready to advance to Master of Light.

What You'll Learn:

  • Master Symbols and Attunement: Elevate your practice with powerful symbols for deeper consciousness.
  • Psychic Surgery & Aura Mastery: Remove blockages and understand the aura's intricate layers for optimal health.
  • Expanded 14 Chakra System: Activate and balance traditional and higher chakras for spiritual alignment.
  • Group Distance Healing: Extend healing energy across any distance, enhancing group connectivity.
  • Specialized Reiki Applications: Techniques tailored for ADHD, weight management, and hormone balance.
  • Spiritual Connections: Deepen your link with spiritual guides and your soul’s blueprint.
  • Voice Attunement & Energy Protection: Strengthen your vocal expression and safeguard your energetic well-being.

Key Course Details:

  • Dates: July 21st to August 25th, Sundays 10 AM - 2 PM
  • Location: Blended Spirit Academy
  • Cost: $888 (Payment plans available)

This course includes hands-on practice, personalized support, and certification as a Reiki Master. Whether you're enhancing existing skills or newly certified, join us to unlock profound healing powers and connect with the universal life force.

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Embrace the light within and illuminate your path as a Reiki Master of Light. Let’s journey together into the depths of your soul and the heights of your spiritual potential.

Teresa Collins, Reiki Master and Spiritual Teacher


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🔥 Course Highlights

Advanced Symbols Mastery:

Dive deep into the world of Reiki symbols that hold the keys to universal energy and profound healing.

Cosmic Attunements:

Experience eight distinctive attunements designed to align you with cosmic vibrations, amplifying your healing prowess.

Holistic Healing Approach:

Unleash a transformative impact in today's world by integrating body, mind, and spirit in your healing rituals.

Duration & Structure
Invest 3.5 immersive hours to unlock a lifetime of cosmic healing.
With over 2 hours of illuminating video content, you’ll want to set aside around 3.5 hours for a complete, transformative journey.

🔑 Who Is This For?
Reiki practitioners who have completed Level 2 or hold an equivalent qualification and are eager to magnify their healing abilities to cosmic proportions.

📓 Course Essentials

  • A Journal: Capture reflections, insights, and spiritual epiphanies.
  • Water & High-Protein Snacks: Maintain your energy levels during this deep dive.

🌟 Why "Mastering the Light" with Teresa Collins?
Teresa brings years of experience, deep spiritual insight, and a compassionate touch to Reiki training. By joining this course, you’re not just learning symbols; you’re aligning with a legacy of healers and cosmic guides.

💰 Investment
Your cosmic journey awaits for just $888 (plans available)

🚀 Ready to Illuminate Your Healing Path?
Embrace the echoes of the universe and unlock your healing potential. The time is now. The light awaits.

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