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Delve into the full range of Teresa's literary works on this dedicated page, where every book is a journey into deeper knowledge and self-discovery. Teresa's books are a beacon for those on a path of spiritual, personal, and professional growth. Find your next read from her collection of insightful and transformative books, all available on Amazon.

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1111: A Guide to Angel Numbers and Divine Messages

  • Seeking Clarity? Uncover the hidden significance of recurring numbers and what they're trying to tell you.
  • Searching for Direction? Learn how angel numbers can guide your decisions and light your path to fulfillment.
  • Needing Assurance? Find comfort in understanding the affirmations and support that the universe is continually offering you through numbers.

Time to Shine: Journal Workbook

  • Struggling to Find Your Purpose? Dive into exercises that help clarify your vision and ignite your passion.
  • Overwhelmed by Self-Doubt? Engage with prompts that challenge limiting beliefs and foster confidence.
  • Need a Boost of Motivation? Find the inspiration to take action with guided reflections that transform thought into action.

The Little Princess Learns To Calm Down

  • Facing Overwhelm? The Little Princess shows children that it's okay to feel engulfed by big feelings and that there are gentle ways to find peace amidst chaos.
  • Struggle with Patience? Through her journey, she discovers the strength in patience and the power of taking a deep breath to restore tranquility.
  • Desire for Inner Peace? This story provides tools for young minds to learn the art of calming down, offering a quiet refuge for anxious thoughts and restless energy.