What is the Dragon Portal

Nov 09, 2022

The number 11 is a very important  master number in Numerology and is a time of higher spiritual awakening and coming into alignment with your higher self. This time of year can also be called the Dragons' Portal. 1111 is a power number in astrology but this year is a special year for it is 2022. Its triple dose of 2's is a rare and powerful code which spells out luck, love, expansion, joy and peace. November 11th, 2022 is a once in a life time event and is the time to manifest and dream big. This is a time to really grow big....a time of ascension.  So clear your mind and mediate! You need to speak or journal your intentions. Manifesting when the clock hits 11:11  is a great time to manifest and in order to be ready prepare a list of intentions and goals and channel all of your thoughts and energy at this time.

Things that could help us manifest on this day is to make a visual board of what we want to manifest. Seeing what we want to achieve can keep us focused on our goals.

Journaling can help you to focus in on what you want most and writing it down can make it more real.

Write your manifestations on a mirror to help you to realize that you deserve your manifestations. You need to believe that you deserve what you are manifesting. 

Lastly, mediating and knowing your energy is important for manifestation. Repeating a positive affirmation while walking or house cleaning, can shift your mind to your dreams and limit negative thoughts and help you to affirm your manifestations. On the big day, you are now ready to journal and speak your manifestations.








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