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What is Healing?

Jan 30, 2023

One always thinks of healing as taking a medication and recovering from an illness, but is there more to healing than just medicine. But what if you were to treat the whole self, the mind, body, and spirit. Grounding is one way to do that. It is a technique that you reconnect with the earth, yourself, and to Source. Grounding helps us to feel more peace and joy and to not over react to little things and help our bodies function properly. Grounding is a therapeutic technique that electrically connects you to the earth. It is believed that through grounding, the natural defense's of your body can be restored.

It is as simple as standing outside on the bare ground with no shoes on. So how can you ground yourself daily? Take a walk in the grass, sit at the park on the grass, walk on the beach with no shoes, garden without a knee mat and go camping. Sleeping on natural materials such as cotton blankets will allow conductivity while you sleep. Believe it or not touching a tree works as well. For indoors you can use a grounding sheet or socks when you go to bed. 

How often should you ground? One should ground for 20 minutes a day in order to feel the benefits of grounding. Grounding helps with sleep difficulties as shown in a study in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, "people with sleep disorders slept under a cotton sheet with conductive carbon threads woven into it. Participants slept better when they were grounded and also reported a reduction in pain and stress."

Learn more about grounding at Blended Spirit Academy with Tereasa's online course Magic Mini Course. This course covers grounding, meditation, clearing, protection, and moon magic.

Find out what others have to say:

"I absolutely loved this whole series. I learned so many tools to help me and my girls. Teresa's energy was bright and contagious. I found myself feeling lighter with each class. She geared these classes for both the beginner but not forgetting the advanced in there as well. I have joined many of her events now and I would highly recommend these and many other classes by her."  lightworker88

Grounding is an important part of our being and should be an important part of your daily routine.


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