Weight Loss and Crystals

Aug 08, 2022
weight loss and crystals

Can crystals really help with weight loss? Most definitely! Different crystals vibrate at different frequencies and each frequency affects the body in different ways. With there being so many crystals, this blog will recap which crystals are the best to aid in weight loss.

Chrysocolla helps draw off negative energy as well as encourage self-awareness and inner strength. Chrysocolla is a great detox which aids in better health and dieting. Through the vibration of Devine Truth, this stone brings inner peace, joy and helps keep your goals focused. 

Hematite is a great stress and worry reducer and helps to reduce eating during stressful times. This stone helps to boost metabolism and is very powerful for boosting self-confidence, willpower and self-esteem. Also great for grounding while you keep focused on goals.

Rubies have been used for weightless for centuries! Let's dive into why. Some people eat due to low self-esteem and unresolved emotional reasons. Rubies help us to love ourselves and accept who we are. With less worrying of how we look you can diet for health and make losing weight more enjoyable. Dwelling on a situation such as losing weight can cause depression and feeling tired. Rubies are known for recharging your energy levels and bring strength, courage, joy and laughter.

Lapis Lazuli is a great stone for weight loss as it regulates your metabolism and reduces fat levels in your tissues. This stone relieves bad body image which leads to weight gain while encouraging self awareness, self expression and inner truth. This stone is also known for aiding in emotional stability which can break those emotion roller coaster rides during weight loss.

Black Obsidian is great for reducing those inner cravings such as sugars and fats. This stone is known for aiding in digestion and waste elimination. Black Obsidian can also assist with protection from negativity and foster growth in all areas helping you to build momentum.

Red Jasper is another great stone for healing and has a strong connection with the earth with a strong spiritual grounding vibration which is useful for healing, cleansing and weight loss. This stone also increases emotional stamina giving you the strength to follow through with your goals. Due the spiritual side of the stone, it helps you to be kind to yourself and accepting of yourself.

Stones require recharging and moon light is one way to recharge them. Put your stones outside under the moon light or at a window where the moon light comes in for a couple of hours. Do not let dew get on them as water is not good for crystals. You can also put your crystals out in the sun for a few hours. None of the above listed crystals fade in the sun. Do not put clear crystals out in the sun on paper, wood or other combustible surfaces as they may catch fire. 

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