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The Spiritual Side of Halloween

Oct 27, 2022

Halloween has been commercialized into dressing up and collecting candies and of course parties. It is celebrated in other countries on October 31 or November 1st. Halloween is the cycle of the year signifying life, death, and rebirth. This is a time to release negative energies and celebrate the new energy replacing negative energy. Halloween was a Celtic celebration called Samhain when the summer ended, and the harvest was over with the beginning of winter. This is a time that the souls of the past are most able to show themselves and communicate with the living. As November 1 approaches, the spiritual activity is the highest. The numbers 111 from the date represent pillars with the middle pillar being the connection between the two worlds. During Halloween in the Middle Ages, people dressed up in scary costumes to scar off evil spirits, but there is still one side of Halloween that has been overlooked. 

It is also a time to honor the death of our loved ones and let go and celebrate the cycle of the the new. This is the time of the year that the Pleiades, 7 stars known as The Seven Sisters, are the brightest stars in the ski from October to March. The Seven Sisters were known to rule over the cycle of death but also are known for feminine energy and bring healing and connection in our lives. When these stars are their brightest, we can tap into our feminine energy with more ease.  Now is the time to celebrate the ever-evolving energies around us this Halloween.

Halloween is a time to cleanse your energy with light and love. Taking a salt bath is one way to do this as well as doing a cleansing mediation.

Try our crystal Halloween cleanse!

The best crystal to use with this cleanse is black crystals for ending and beginning a quiet cycle for winter The Obsidian crystal is very powerful against negativity. It is used for putting the past behind and open the path for a new chapter in your life. Another crystal is the Black Tourmaline which will protect you during the Halloween ritual by blocking any negative energies and send them away.

Now move into attracting energy with orange crystals such as the Orange Calcite which is incredibly energizing and helps with positive energy throughout the body. It is great for a new start on your journey in your life. One last crystal to consider is Creedite which has a very high vibrational frequency which will help you with your Halloween ritual.

  1. First turn off any distractions and light a candle in a comfortable place. Enter into a meditative state and envision yourself absorbing positive good energy.
  2. Write down any thoughts that come to mind that might be important and gather your crystals in front of you.
  3. Close your eyes and observe your thoughts and let your thoughts go.
  4. Ask yourself, "What aspect of my self needs light?" "Is there a secret message from my soul that I need to know write now?" "What are the things that I need to let go of?" "Are there people in my life that are holding me back from moving forward?" "How can I nurture and explore new aspects of myself?"
  5. Check your list to see what you may have written down and then blow out your candle.

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