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The Benefits of Energy

Jan 05, 2023

We are all connected by energy. We all have a human biofield which is described as measurable electromagnetic energy. It is believed that a field of energy extends 6 feet from our bodies Our bodies generate this biofield through brain waves, heart beats, infrared energy, and biophotons (low level of light). It has been proven that when this energy comes into contact with other energy, they resonate and amplify that energy.  We all send out brain waves into the universe. 

Another favorite of mine is the energy crystals emit. We now use quartz in watches to keep perfect time due to their ability to vibrate the same frequency and keep time. All crystals vibrate a frequency and affect our mental and physical health differently. Check out Glenwood Krystal Konvenince where our friendly staff can assist you with picking out your crystal collection. 

How can we use this energy to our advantage? That would be through intention. For example, planning what is for dinner, planning a meetup for coffee are examples of intention. Our thoughts turn into reality. Through meditation, grounding, and clearing you can channel your energy to fulfill your dreams.  Blended Spirit Academy has put together a package for you that will have you ascending and transcending into a whole new world.

For more information to have the confidence to ground yourself, clear blocked energies, meditate and tap into your higher self, click the link below.


Woo Woo Intro Package






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