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Feb 07, 2022

Many people today feel that they have a distant memory of another time and place like deja vu. Have you ever gone to a new place and felt like you have been there but can’t quite put a finger on when that was? Do we have past lives? Is time dimensional? We now have quantum science that is transforming our view of gravity and perception of time. How about the bible? Yes, it does talk about God is on a different time then us and he is omnitemporal – existing at every moment of time.

How can we recall our past lives? Akashic is the place in our energy field where past memories are stored and can be accessed through a healer. The healer can put a patient into a trance like state to recall memories of your past lives. There are many reasons people reach out to a healer. Some people feel stuck  and acknowledging trauma or that there was a past life can be very healing.

Another form of therapy is Quantum Soul Therapy where you visit a licensed quantum therapist and discover past lives, travel to distant worlds, uncover your ancient gifts, meet people in your past that shine through in this life, find your joy and establish your connection to your higher self. You may be asking yourself what quantum soul therapy is? Quantum is the break down of that energy into unseen particles creating a magnet of experience of sorts. Each experience also entangles our Soul essence. Then we include the unconscious mind that does not understand time. In this healing modality, Psychic gifts are used to guide the unconscious mind into these intangible soul experiences. Heal the wound and unlock the gifts and knowledge. Allowing the Soul peace and completeness. And unlocking pure potential for this life.

Let’s look at what a session includes. It involves putting you into a trance and connecting you to your higher self in a merkaba (Light Lantern). Then tavelling back on your timeline to any trauma / important event in this life. Then back into previous lives. As many as needed. Healing trauma and packing good things in the merkaba.

Then travelling forward to the future. Five years, 1 year and look at what you need to know. Anchor good and gifts and bring them into a complete soul in the here and now. All the while physically speaking to your higher self and asking any questions you need answered.

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