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Is There a Difference Between Oracle Cards and Tarot Cards?

May 19, 2022
Oracle Cards

There definitely is. Oracle cards are more centered on divination and intuition from the reader of the cards. Oracle cards have any graphics or imagery on the front and the deck of cards can come in any size such as one deck can have 44 cards while another can have 80 cards. Tarot card decks have 78 cards structured, with 22 Arcana major cards, cards about lessons in life, and Arcana minor containing 56 cards, cards about everyday life. Tarot readings are structured, and the reader must memorize lists of key words. Oracle are not and are more for guidance and perspective about our lives.

You may be asking what is the meaning of the word Oracle? It is a person that gives a prediction or reveals knowledge from a divine source. The origins of Oracle cards is based off of an African diasporic religion and through fusion of traditional Yoruba religion of West Africa, Christianity and Spiritualism. Oracle cards is a great tool for self-reflection. Tarot cards messages stay the same from deck to deck and the reading of the cards is very structured but Oracle cards have fewer rules and many different decks filled with messages off hope and light.

Tarot cards are usually shuffled like a deck of cards but Oracle cards can be dealt many different ways. The intent is that the correct cards that are needed for the situation will always get picked because the reader is guided to them through energy. The beauty of Oracle cards is to develop intuition and inspire us spiritually as well as develop your Third-Eye Chakra where your intuition and foresight is located.



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