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Imagine Thinking Positive can bring Good Things Your Way

Mar 28, 2022

Imagine thinking positive and things just land in your lap. The Law of Attraction kind of works that way. The idea is that Like is attracted to Like, so if you think positive thoughts, imagine your goals, look for positives in all situations, use positive affirmations, then positive things will happen to you. Thoughts are a form of energy and positive thoughts will attract positive results. Negative thoughts will bring on negative events in our lives. But not just the law of attraction is at work here, the law of action is necessary as well. So first we have the law of attraction and we have positive thoughts and feelings, then we have possibilities and feeling hopeful. This will move you in the right direction and you will start to attract possibilities. Now we need to take action. How can we move towards our goals? Taking small steps to start a new career, job or business. The law of intention is when you create an intention that matches your action that matches your like. Next you need a vibration. In order to be successful, you need to feel successful and the best way to achieve that is to look at the ways that you are successful and the results of your successes. Pick one success and dissect and analyze it. What did you do to get there and how did you overcome any hurtles? Next is the law of cause and effect. Doing good for others and putting out good all day will come around and you will get back twice as much as you put out. Letting go of holding on to something say money, if you give you will get back for doing good. So having the courage to give will free you. Once the universe energy starts working with you, you will see consequences and things will begin to fall in place. This is a time to be more focused and a time to consult a coach.  Once you get to a point that the universe feels your energy, things start to spiritually show up. People are put in your life and you need to feel that you really deserve abundance and that you really value yourself and you are living your best time line. For more inspiration and motivation check out Blended Spirit Time to Shine by Teresa Collins. Here she shares her life with you and truly shows care and compassion as she tells her tips and advice.


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