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How to Make a Crystal Grid for Beginners

Apr 23, 2022

Crystal grids are great for manifesting an intention.  Something like a new job, new relationship or new goals. Grids are geometric shapes and placing your crystal on a scared geometric design helps to amplify your intention to the universe. 

What crystals should you use? That depends on what you want to manifest. For our example, we used Amethyst and Quartz Points in the above picture. Amethyst is known for cleansing, protection and inspiration. The Quartz Points help to power up the grid, transmit and amplify your intentions. You will need one tower crystal to be in the center of your grid. This stone is called the center stone and broadcasts your intentions. Next you will add crystals around the geometric grid that will receive and transmit your intention. They can be placed on the points of your grid. Lastly, place your amplification stones, in our case the Quartz points, between the Amethysts stones to amplify and power up the grid.

The shape of our grid in this example is circular and is good for courage. Before placing your crystals on the grid, you need to cleanse and charge them by placing them in the sun. or under the moon for a few hours. 

To activate your crystal grid, you can write your intentions on a piece of paper and place it under the center stone, speak your intentions aloud or connect each crystal by touching each one.

Where should you place your crystal grids? In places where you can see them so when you pass them you say your intentions aloud. 

Have fun creating your crystal grid and begin living your dreams.


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