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You can heal your body through hypnosis

Jun 13, 2022

Imagine that your body can heal itself. That power of suggestion could help improve your life. The mind is very powerful. Not only does the mind control breathing, heartbeat, but it also controls so much more. When people have lazy eye, the brain knows that one eye is weak and stops receiving a picture from that eye as the eye starts to wander and you start to see two images. With therapy that eye can be brought back. Through hypnosis, you can stop smoking or stop a phobia. You can also reduce blood pressure, anxiety and pain. When you are completely relaxed your subconscious mind is able to retrieve memories that you may have been unaware of, and to begin to work in a positive way to change behaviours and thought patterns that are detrimental to you.  

At Blended Spirit whether you choose hypnotherapy for help with addictions, such as smoking or food, or for an emotional issue such as a fear of public speaking, general feelings of anxiety or help in overcoming a specific trauma, the sessions will begin in the same way. You will be helped into a state of deep relaxation of both mind and body. From this state of deep relaxation, called “trance”, you will access your subconscious mind in order to address your own specific problem or need. It is important to realize that you will be in control of yourself at all times during the treatment.   

At Blended Spirit we will spend some time with you before the session, talking about what you wish to achieve. Then we will use a variety of techniques to replace negative or damaging thoughts with positive ones. When you are gently brought out of deep relaxation you may be given a few simple techniques that will allow your subconscious mind to immediately access these new, helpful behaviours so that you can change your everyday life for the better whenever you wish to.  



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