All you need to know about Fairies

Nov 25, 2022

Fairies are thought to be fallen angels from heaven. When so many fairies were leaving, the gates of heaven and hell were closed. These fairies live underground and there have been many sightings since the early 1900s. Fairies love music and Dr. Thomas Wood insists that he heard music in the air and wrote the notes down later playing this music on violins and organs. You can still play this music today.

Where can you find fairies? Fairies can be found in nature or even in your garden. The best way to attract fairies is to plant pansies or daisies in your garden. Put out a bowl of water and something shinny. When in nature it is important to be open minded, sit down and breath in slowly and listen to your surrounding sounds. Don't feel disappointed if you do not spot a fairy your first time out. It takes time and patience. 

Are there better times to see a fairy then others? Yes, the seasonal cycles,
equinox and solstices are said to be best nearest to the new moon or full moon of the season.

How do you know that you have seen a fairy? Perhaps you have seen hazy movements or a sudden mist. Perhaps you smell a unusual smell or see a quick movement out of the corner of your eye. 

One last note on fairies. Not all fairies are good fairies. Fairies can ask for a huge payment for an act of kindness or small favor.  To protect yourself from an evil fairy, you should place a iron horse shoe above your door or salt across the threshold and along windowsills. Bells give protection against fairies, especially church bells. The Cross is a powerful sacred geometry symbol worn or scratched on the ground. Bad fairies do not like the color red and a Four-Leaf Clover, Primroses provide protection as well.

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