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Trusting Your Intuition

Apr 07, 2022

Have you every had a thought that something was not right or you should do something and later discovered that it was the best decision you could have made? Or you decide to do something due to a gut feeling? Did you know that you can tap into this ability and rely on it? Intuition is very powerful and there are many benefits to tapping into this ability.  For instance opening up your intuitive mind helps to open up your creative side.  Many artists and musicians have tapped into their intuitive mind. Psychologists believe that your intuitive side is a reflection of your true nature. It is a way to truly get to know yourself. Making on the spot decisions are better made when you tap into your intuition and are more beneficial. Have you ever ignored your body trying to tell you something? You become nauseated, tired or ill but we have been taught to push on. Pushing on causes health problems. Knowing yourself intuitively, will help you to know when to stop and listen to yourself. Lastly, intuitive decisions help to keep a balanced state of mind where you make decisions that are best for you not what others feel are right for you. To help you tune into your intuition, Blended Spirit has a course for you "Power of Intuition". 

After healing thousands of women over the last decade they all know It all starts with trusting your intuition.

What you'll get:

  • The importance of intuition
  • Steps to learn to tap in
  • Understand the difference between fear and intuition

Intuition is a priceless tool in life and business. For more information, click below.



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