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Benefits of Journaling and Techniques

Mar 18, 2022


When we are stressed, it is difficult to identify what is stressing us sometimes and journaling is a great way to identify your stress and come up with ways to reduce your stress.  Many people aren’t sure how to journal or what thoughts to write down.  You do not have to share your journal and picking out a nice journal to write in can help keep you motivated.  Teresa Collins has a wonderful journal Time to Shine Journal Workbook available on Amazon. "Time to Shine is a guidebook for a new breed of women who are here to be bright lights in the world. As you unlock your Sparkle you share it with all those around you. I created this Journal workbook for all those who know they have a larger purpose to share with the world but don't know how to begin. These 10 steps and 30 days of journal prompts will help you dig in with passion and purpose, but also in a light way". Teresa’s journal is not all about sad events, or fears. She is big on gratitude and writing about what makes you happy. Did you know that the more you think positive thoughts the healthier we are? Yes it is true and the more grateful you are, the more Dopamine your brain produces, a chemical that helps you to feel happy! This book can be done in itself or as a text book to Teresa's self study course on her academy page coming in April. Tereasa gives you ten steps to Journaling with 30 days of journal prompts.  Tereasa has fantastic journaling  tips which inspire you to want to get started. "Journaling is an amazing way to focus on yourself. Your inner most needs, desires, and thoughts. I suggest creating a daily regular time to spend 30 minutes on just you. Do the steps for the first 10 days then incorporate the daily journaling in your life. Make it special. Light a white candle, bring your favorite crystals, a cup of tea, an amazing pen. You deserve this time. Initially it may feel foreign and that’s ok. Soon it will expand and your Soul will crave the one on one time". The artwork and layout of this journal truly compel you to want to get started. Check out Teresa's YouTube channel for more information on journaling


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