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Certification Available

Whether you’re a beginner looking to get started, or a seasoned practioner, we have you covered.

My name is Teresa Collins. I am a Psychic Business Coach, Reiki Master, Life Coach, Educator and Hypnotherapist.

It is my Souls Purpose to be an earth guide to women at this time. I help my clients activate psychic gifts, cut cords, clear blocks, collapse trauma and so much more.  I assist women at all stages of their journey through my courses and transformational sessions and programs. 

Every class is intensely energized to heal as well as teach.

Thousands of women all over the globe are awakening to the truth that there is more to business than we’ve been taught. It doesn’t have to be a struggle, there is an easier way.

Becoming a certified circle facilitator is a journey into a new career of freedom, of service to many women who need you now more than ever before. Fulfil your deep yearning to unite and elevate the women around you and begin your journey to certification today.

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The Time is now to step into your fate

The collective energy is no longer allowing you to hide from your soul’s calling.

The world is shifting into an energy of inner connection to create an expanded dimension that is yours for the taking.

My Classes are unlike anything else.  Powerful and Very Easy. 


I designed these courses with these thoughts in mind...

  •  To show my students how absolutely extraordinarily gifted they are!! 
  • Substantially increase their intuitive confidence!! 
  • Give them all the pieces so they walk away understanding how their intuition works
  • ​Allow them to understand THEIR UNIQUE intuitive gifts INTIMIATELY!!!
  • For Spiritual Entrepreneurs:
    • Confidence to Begin Doing the  Work for Others
    • Clients That Are Excited To Talk About Their Sessions With Others
    • ​More Client Referrals
    • ​Increased Business Revenue for Those Already Doing Spiritual Session Work
    • ​These step by step Practices Take Only a Few Minutes a day consistently & are a Game-Changer! 
    • ​Understand How Truly Extraordinary You Are!!



This is for you if:


  • You’re looking to take your coaching, therapy or facilitator business to the next level.
  • You have been coaching or facilitating change for a while (you’re not a complete beginner)
  • You want to learn how to support deep healing and inner growth.
  • You’ve been looking for a way to be of service to many and journey into a new career of freedom and flexibility.
  • You’re ready to learn more about Trauma and its ats affects.
  • You want to help clients liberate themselves from the negative effects of acute and chronic trauma.
  • You want to understand how to recognise different types of trauma and how to evaluate the impact of trauma on daily functioning.
  • You want to learn how  to conduct a trauma-sensitive therapeutic session that will lead to lasting change and emotional freedom.


    4-week online training plus a 2-day in-person retreat style workshop & learn how to run world-class retreats using our ready-made Awakened Heart-Healing Method. By learning my Awaken Heart-Healing Method, you will work deeply with the four Chakras – A broad focus on Trauma Aware Coaching covering topics such as Transference, Trauma-Informed Spaces, Generational Healing, and much more.  

    This ready-made retreat method means you can run retreats, workshops or groups with my done-for-you content & workbooks, all without lifting a finger! Everything is done-for-you. It’s the perfect turn-key business opportunity for coaches looking for a high-end product.

    You will learn:


    • Healing through the 4-chakras connected to early childhood trauma so you can provide the healing space needed to reintegrate the soul at the deepest level.
    • How to run successful healing retreats and connect to the masses providing deep connection and healing.
    • How to create the ideal environment to enable transformation that is sustainable and long-lasting
    • Awaken the Heart chakra so you can help your clients release conditioning, beliefs, shadow self, judgements, shame, guilt and fear so they can awaken the heart to unconditional love & self-acceptance.

    Here are the materials you will receive:


    • Four beautifully illustrated Chakra coaching workbooks 
    • Four Chakra healing meditations
    • Trauma-Informed Coaching 

 Being a part of this program has helped me with being accountable for my spiritual growth and being consistent in my practices! It has shown me how to give myself grace in learning, and shown me how incredible things happen when I am consistent and show up for myself.

I absolutely love being surrounded by these beautiful Divas each week in the membership!

I have been pulled out of my comfort zone, we laugh, we cry, we share, we grow, we learn, we heal. I am incredibly grateful for each piece of this program, it has truly shifted my life in an incredibly magical way ❤️





These Classes came into my life at the most beneficial time!

It has held me down and accountable for my own roll in my own growth. Growing with the classes and monthly meetings. Teresa teaches on a whole new level, making it easy and accessible to tap into to!

I have manifested so many things into my life from job opportunities to new home and started new chapters I never knew I would go down!

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life


Rebecca Night


 A class, wait no, a tribe?

A healing?, Or maybe it’s a meditation… truth? It’s all of these things - there’s so much packed in to this course that it really can’t be defined in a paragraph. If you are thinking about it, just dive in.

If you re wondering if this is the thing that will finally get you out of a slump, or motivate you do make changes you’ve been avoiding your entire life, then yes, it is. 

Spiritual Practioner Certificaion is guide to opening to the miraculous power I hold within.

A re-aquatinting with myself, my divine nature and my ability to flourish in this lifetime. It was an absolutely joyous (sometimes challenging) call to be who I am, here and now so I can fall in love with my life, and those around me can flourish in the light I create. If you do not want this, you should not sign up Walk away now before you are called upon to live your highest, most delightful, timeline.




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"Time to Shine" Journal Workbook and partner it with my online class coming MAY 1ST 2022

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