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All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Life and Soul Led Business


Through your training, you will learn how to grow a business that supports your community and makes a positive impact in the lives of other women.



You will make new friends and support each other as you embark upon a powerful, life-changing journey - together.


What you'll learn

Key Spiritual Abilities

Understanding your Spiritual Power and how to be an Earth Guide

Mentor & Guide clients using intuition & spirituality

Coach clients with emotional intelligence techniques

Meditation practices to spark intuition

Connect with spirit guides for insight

Communicate with spirit guides for insight

Give transformational messages with intuition your

Connect with ancestors for guidance and healing

How to handle difficult clients

Build confidence in a session with a client

Effective tools to be a credible teacher, coach and guide

 Step by Step Spiritual Healing Techniques

Spiritual & Energy Healing Basics

Chakra Balancing and Healing Basics

Angelic Healing Basics

Shaminic Healing Basics

Crystal Healing Basics

Making Soul filled Cash

Build a reputable business as a healer, intuitive and facilitator



Spiritual Practitioners Certification  12 months with practicum



This course is approx 70 hrs of self paced videos and healing.  It may be completed in approx 10 months with a consistent 7-8 hrs of investment per week


Weekly Videos

Online Textbook included.  Printed copy available for $150

Step by Step healing techniques

Accountability Program -Monthly 30 minute Personal Coaching Call.

Graduation Requirements

There will be a test your knowledge at the end of each 12 week semester/module.

 2 month practicum or 12 study cases.

Cases must be submitted for final certification.


Cost is $111/week or pay it now for $4444

Saving $888

Financial planning available


Who is this for?

You want to learn how to support deep healing and inner growth.

You’ve been looking for a way to be of service to many and journey into a new career of freedom and flexibility.

You’re ready to learn more about Spirit, Energy, and its powerful  affects.

You want to help clients liberate themselves

This certification is perfect for those wanting to launch their Healer Practice 

This course was designed for those seeking truth, meaning, understanding of their abilities as a medium, clairvoyant, psychic or empath, about the other-side, ghosts, spirit guides and demons, how to develop certain abilities that already reside within, or have revealed themselves, and understand certain complicated teachings from my perspective, to then help others on their journey. In this course I share many tools of the trade in spirituality and development to help you acquire what you need to read the symbols you receive, I give references to use and how to use them in practice, discuss how to choose reference guides and tools, and act as a mentor to teach you what I know, as a teacher for you on your spiritual journey. This is in no way exhaustive, and I say this because spiritual growth never ends, and there are practices out there I am sure I have never heard of. But certainly, what you learn in this course, can be applied to all things that cross your path.


Add on to an existing Reiki Practice, Massage or just expand their Spiritual Journey  

Courses Included

Soul Connection -discover where is your soul is and how to connect.  We will delve into soul contracts, soul family and how to uncover what your soul needs at this time.


What are Guides- Everyone has guides assisting them through this life. In this class I will teach you about different guides, how to connect and who to listen too


Law of Attraction- what you feel you attract.  The law of a attraction is a vital tool in your life and healing business.  In this portion you will learn what it is and how to allow it to work for you.


Intuition- we were all born with intuition, yet most of us have shut it down,  In this class you will learn how to listen and enhance your intuition.


Energy Intro-  everything is energy.  In this class I will teach you the basics and most important foundations to build a solid practie.


Vibration and how to raise it- You will bring in what you are a vibrational match too.  Understanding this concept will allow you to bring in more abundance and create a very successful life and practice


Professional Reader- Oracle and tarot cards are an amazing tool to use in your spiritual business and to give you daily guidance.  In this class I will teach you how to read cards at the next level to include it as a paid service in your practice.


Psychic Gifts 101- Learn what are psychic gifts and how to enhance your natural abilities in this class.


Money Mindset- Lack is a huge struggle for most of us.  In this powerful class, I will teach you how to advance into a growth mindset and attract the abundance waiting for you.


Manifesting Magic- we are manifesting at every moment of everyday.  I will teach you how to begin manifesting the thing you truly want in this world.


Cutting Cords-you have created energetic cords attached to many things in this world.  In this class I will teach you powerful techniques to cut old cords and release yourself on a regular basis.


Protection-Protection is an absolute must in all forms of healing work or magic.  Learn easy and powerful techniques to allow yourself to really shine and create impact in the darkest of places without any effects to your energy.


Clearing your Space-your healing space, office, car and home are collecting energy.  Just like dust accumulates, so does lower vibrational energy.  In this class I will teach you how to regularly clear your spaces.


Life Coaching Basics- All great healers are required to do some life coaching.  In this class I will teach you some basics and solid techniques to help you feel confident as a healer and coach.


Power of Meditation -  meditation is an absolutely amazing tool for yourself, clients and groups you will run.  We will learn the whys, and hows in this powerful class.


Journaling Basics-Journaling is a valuable asset for your healing and your clients.  Learn ways to use it in your daily practice.


Affirmations and Power of Words- words are magic,  they can heal or destroy.  Learn how to help your clients and yourself by using them with effectiveness and power.


Pendulum Basics- a pendulum is a great tool in any healing practices.  Learn the basics and how to use them in this class.


Chakras 101- chakras are so much more important than we realize.  This class will begin your understanding of what they are, when they are misaligned and how to bring them into health


Crystal Basics- Using crystals in a wonderful way to add energy and magic to your life and practice.  In this class you will learn some basic ways to begin and witch crystals to start with.


How to run a group- Group work is very powerful and a great way to start your healing journey.  Learn how to run groups, ideas and challenges to start.


How to write your own Meditation- whether you are working one or one or in group.  Meditation is a powerful healing technique.  In this class I will teach you how to customize a meditation to use in your practice.


Goddess Archetypes-  We all have a powerful healer inside waiting to be discovered.  Learn how to unlock your Inner Goddess and light this world up.


Healings Included

Chakra Balancing 

Money Attraction 

Safe to be Seen activation 

Vibrational Lift

Sleep Hypnosis 

Centering Healing

Grounding Meditation 

Heart Connection 

Full Body Relaxation 

Confidence Activation 

Allowing Change



Step by Step Spiritual Healing Techniques

Spiritual & Energy Healing Basics

Chakra Balancing and Healing Basics

Angelic Healing Basics

Shamanic Healing Basics

Crystal Healing Basics


Each set of Modules will include a 

Test your Knowledge Pdf that is submitted for marking

Homework practice or a healings are required


  You will be required to submit 20 case studies and a final written thesis to receive your Certification

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