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🌿What Happens When Your Energy Is Low?
It is difficult to live and work when your energy level is low.
 Research even shows that those with low energy may find it more difficult to cope with negative life events. Energetic people can always turn to a higher force in times of trouble. The alternative is to rely on social support which is not always available.
Studies have found if your energy is low, you are more likely to exhibit addictions. And you will also find that addiction recovery is more difficult for you than for spiritual people.
As mentioned, in difficult life situations people with low energy look for human support. They seldom take on leadership positions. And they prefer to have a boss, or authority, above them who can give them support when needed.
This dependence on another human being sometimes forces people with low spirituality to undertake a desperate search for a life partner. They simply hate being alone. Their relationships may be shorter and they may change partners frequently.
Learn how to succeed in your life and business in


Energetics Master Diploma-

Each Level will include a 

Test your Knowledge Pdf that is submitted for marking

Program will include a monthly 1on 1 60 minute Coaching call


And a final Business Coaching Session 



You will be required to submit 20 case studies and a final written thesis to receive your Master Diploma

Cost is $555/month or pay it now for $5555

Saving $1660


This certification is perfect for those wanting to launch their Healer or coaching Practice to the Master level

Add on to an existing Reiki, Coaching, Counselling or just expand their Spiritual Journey 


Energetic Level 1

Intro to Energy and Vibration

In this powerful 30 min lesson we will delve into the language of energy and vibration.

We often get a sense of a person or situation. We will say that party had great energy or my energy felt drained today.  Even if we don't know how, this is your natural ability to read energy.  Like anything the more the know the more you can unlock.

Learn the law of vibration, the science behind this new discovery and understand how we were all born with the natural ability to read energy from the time of conception.

Healing Included

Powerful grounding meditation and practice

Level 2- Emotion and so much more

Energy in Motion=e-motion

Grab your notebook, get some water and tune in for this amazing level 

In Level 2 we will uncover:

Emotion – understanding it as energy in motion

The body mind connection

The Nero science of it all

inside look at body-mind emotional release to better understand the strategy for expressing your emotions and becoming happier

When you bring mindful focus to the sensations of contraction with an open mind and air of curiosity, you invite them to release. It’s powerful, dynamic, and enlivening. You allow your body to feel the feelings it didn’t have the opportunity to release at the time of any event that may have been challenging

-listening to and decoding the body’s messages

The Body Sensations Cycle

The awareness of emotion as energy has had a significant impact on approaches to healing emotional wounds, stuck patterns, emotional reactivity, depression, anxiety and trauma.

You will learn to quiet your energy, build it, move it and release it.

Video 1- introduction approx 10 min

Video 2- Dissecting how energy in motion is important approx 20 min

Video 3-Body- mind connection approx 17 min

Video 4 - Chi and quieting your energy approx 10 min

Video 5 - Building Visualization  and Releasing technique approx 12 min

Healings included

Heart Chakra Awakening

Third Eye Activation

Healer Activation

Chi Balancing


Level 3

Energetic Level 3

Are you ready?  This level will transform the way you look at everything, your life, career, friends, family and the world in general.  Unlocking this knowledge allows you to truly succeed and feel amazing while doing it.  Designed in bit size videos for easy absorption and busy lives.  Take your time and lean into these learnings.  It may be the best thing you ever did for yourself and your family. 

I suggest having a journal and taking notes on all the aha moments as you go along.  Make sure you drink lots of water and follow the instructions for practice.  If you have any questions at all feel free to connect to me at [email protected]  or join my facebook group or hope on a monthly zoom meeting.(Click on the link below to join the fb Group- Energetics)


Welcome Video -Approx 5 min

Video Lesson 1- Mental Energy approx 20 min -Understanding how valuable your mental energy is and how to improve and protect it

Video Lesson 2- Spiritual Energy Approx 20- Not Religion, but soul your energy from a higher unified truth.  In this video I teach how vital your spiritual energy is in business

Video Lesson 3- Building the Energy-  In this lesson you learn how to build, move, shield and release the energy Approx 15 min

Video Lesson 4-Sesory Connection- In this video I teach you how to create a conduit of energy and circuit. Approx 10 min

Video Lesson 5- Mental Posture- understand how energy is called on in the mind and separate flowing energy and intention. Approx 10 min 

Video Lesson 6- Closing your Energy Boundaries- In this video I teach you how to be fully open, fully closed and a happy middle for enjoying each day. Approx 10 min 

Video Lesson 7- Energetic Headaches- Common occurrence is headaches when working with energy learn how to manage them in this lesson Approx 10 min

Video Lesson 8- Negative Energy- Learn how to recognize and release negative energy Approx 15 min

Video Lesson 9- Sexual Energy- Not the birds and bees, but passion desire and allowing in pleasure.  Approx 10 min

Video Lesson 10- Cutting Cords.  Everything and everyone can connect with us energetically. Good or bad, these cords are draining your energy.  Learn how to cut them and open space for awesomeness. Approx 22 min

Video Lesson 11- Chakras-  What would be an energy course without tapping into the chakras,  In this video I will give you some tangible steps to work on your energy centers  Approx 36 mins

Video Lesson 12- Calling back your Energy- We leave our energy all around.  In this lesson I will teach you 2 solid ways to call it back to you quickly. Approx 20 minutes


Level 3 Worksheets

Energetic Level 3

I have added these 7 worksheets for quick reference and practice.

Your Energy Practice Handout - gives you the solid step by step to build, move and release your energy

Closing your Energy Boundary Handout- important to make sure you are clear on your energetic boundaries for health

Sheilding Handout-How to sheild yourself when needed

Headache Handout-  Sometimes the energy gets stuck in our head.  This is how to release

Negative Energy Handout-  How to recognize if you have picked something up

Sensory Connection Handout-  Learning how to really connect

The Energy Game-  Get really good at feeling energy with this fun game

  I suggest printing them off and practicing all of them often

Healings Included

Energy Release

Advanced Protection

Advanced Centering

Higher Chakra Activation

Master Healer Activation

Bonus Lessons


Receive a Psychic Business Coaching to help you put it all together every month



This is for you if:


  • You’re looking to take your coaching, therapy or facilitator business to the next level.
  • You have been coaching or facilitating change for a while (you’re not a complete beginner)
  • You want to learn how to support deep healing and inner growth.
  • You’ve been looking for a way to be of service to many and journey into a new career of freedom and flexibility.
  • You’re ready to learn more about Trauma and its ats affects.
  • You want to help clients liberate themselves from the negative effects of acute and chronic trauma.
  • You want to understand how to recognise different types of trauma and how to evaluate the impact of trauma on daily functioning.
  • You want to learn how  to conduct a trauma-sensitive therapeutic session that will lead to lasting change and emotional freedom.


    4-week online training plus a 2-day in-person retreat style workshop & learn how to run world-class retreats using our ready-made Awakened Heart-Healing Method. By learning my Awaken Heart-Healing Method, you will work deeply with the four Chakras – A broad focus on Trauma Aware Coaching covering topics such as Transference, Trauma-Informed Spaces, Generational Healing, and much more.  

    This ready-made retreat method means you can run retreats, workshops or groups with my done-for-you content & workbooks, all without lifting a finger! Everything is done-for-you. It’s the perfect turn-key business opportunity for coaches looking for a high-end product.

    You will learn:


    • Healing through the 4-chakras connected to early childhood trauma so you can provide the healing space needed to reintegrate the soul at the deepest level.
    • How to run successful healing retreats and connect to the masses providing deep connection and healing.
    • How to create the ideal environment to enable transformation that is sustainable and long-lasting
    • Awaken the Heart chakra so you can help your clients release conditioning, beliefs, shadow self, judgements, shame, guilt and fear so they can awaken the heart to unconditional love & self-acceptance.

    Here are the materials you will receive:


    • Four beautifully illustrated Chakra coaching workbooks 
    • Four Chakra healing meditations
    • Trauma-Informed Coaching